Templates for Preparation of BICA*AI 2023 Papers

These templates must be used for preparation of your initial submissions as well as final camera-ready submissions for the Springer volume.
Download templates by clicking on the links below.

We prefer submissions prepared based on the MS Word templates (file "splnproc1703.zip").

You can prepare your paper either in MS Word (the previous link) or in Latex (this link, the file "ProcSci_TeX.zip"). Some authors suggest changing line 10 in the file ProcSci_Tex/templates/author.tex from "\documentclass{svproc}" to "\documentclass{styles/svproc}".

The file "Springer_Guidelines_for_Authors_of_Proceedings.pdf" gives you a general idea of how a correctly formatted paper should look like. You should also explore the Springer Nature's proceedings website.

Filled and signed Publishing Agreement form (the file "ProceedingsPaper_LTP_ST_SN_Switzerland.docx") does not constitute a real copyright agreement and will be required at the stage of the camera-ready submission — only to mitigate risks of Springer having problems with Authors (we experienced these problems in previous years).

The Permission Request Form (file "Permission Request Form (Springer).doc") is useful when you need to include into your paper a copyright material, such as a picture published elsewhere (including your own papers). In these cases you are required to obtain a permission form the other Publisher.